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🧊Official Brand Store🧊2023 COLORIVERTM Ice Silk Ion Sculpting Bodysuit With Snaps(Limited time discount Last 30 minutes💎) 8531306

Sale price USD $49.97 Regular price USD $89.97

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Size S ( 60Ibs-100 Ibs)

  • S ( 60Ibs-100 Ibs)
  • M (100 Ibs-140 Ibs)
  • L (140 Ibs-180 Ibs)
  • XL (180 Ibs-220 Ibs)
  • 2XL (220 Ibs-260 Ibs)
  • 3XL (260 Ibs-300 Ibs)
  • 4XL (300 Ibs-340 Ibs)
  • 5XL (340 Ibs-380 Ibs)
  • 6XL (380 Ibs-420 Ibs)

Color Black

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Skin

🔥Buy More Save More🔥-One-time purchase 🔥🔥3 PAIRs-USD$49.97(3 colors-Free shipping🌎)⭐70% off⭐($14.97/pc)

  • 🔥🔥3 PAIRs-USD$49.97(3 colors-Free shipping🌎)⭐70% off⭐($14.97/pc)
  • ✨2 PAIRs-USD$35.97()🔥60% off🔥($17.97/pc)
  • ✨2 PAIRs(Black+Brown)-USD$35.97()🔥60% off🔥($17.97/pc)
  • ✨2 PAIRs(Brown+Skin)-USD$35.97()🔥60% off🔥($17.97/pc)
  • ✨2 PAIRs(Black+Skin)-USD$35.97()🔥60% off🔥($17.97/pc)
  • 1 PAIR-USD$25.97

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🧊Official Brand Store🧊2023 COLORIVERTM Ice Silk Ion Sculpting Bodysuit With Snaps(Limited time discount Last 30 minutes💎)
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Try It Today, Absolutely Risk-Free, With Your Money Back Guarantee

This sale lasts 30 minutes at the lowest price of the year. Get your discount now! Tomorrow we will end the sale and return to the original price of $169

Kancha Lo Si from Brooklyn, New York, Showed Us Her Incredible Results with Our Latest Product!

"I was severely overweight, and the excess fat felt like chains binding me, restricting my freedom of movement. Walking was a struggle, and my knees would often ache, burdened by the heavy load. My ankles would swell and hurt, as if warning me that my body was reaching its limits. It posed a serious threat to my heart as well. Any minor physical activity left me gasping for breath, my heart pounding heavily and sometimes even irregularly, causing panic and anxiety. Obesity brought endless frustrations and sufferings into my life. I faced constant ridicule and discrimination, be it at work or social gatherings.

I decided to try this product because I had bought many shapewear before, but none seemed to fit well. I thought COLORIVER™ Bodysuit might be different, but I didn't have high expectations. However, after just one week of using it, I weighed myself and was astonished to find that I had already lost 10 pounds! This magical bodysuit gradually helped me shed the excess fat and gently sculpt my body. I could feel my stomach and waist becoming firmer, and the pain in my knees and ankles started to subside. Six weeks later, the results exceeded my expectations, bringing immense joy to me and my family! COLORIVER™ freed me from physical pain and made me feel light and comfortable again.

As my body gradually regained its health, I noticed that my heart problems were lessening too. My breathing became smoother, and my heartbeats more stable. COLORIVER™ helped me reclaim a healthy body, freeing me from the suffering caused by obesity and heart issues. It's a miraculous bodysuit that gave me a new lease on life, and I'm truly grateful for it. It has restored my hope and confidence in living life to the fullest!"--Kancha Lo Si,Brooklyn, New York-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I have tried many products... various oils, creams, and even scar tapes, but none of them satisfied me. I was hesitant before buying this bodusuit, but I decided to give it a try. As a mother of two children, I wanted to fade the stretch marks on my belly and restore some firmness to my postpartum skin. Based on recommendations from others, I purchased three pieces of COLORIVER™, and they have been amazing. Not only do they provide incredible shaping and support, but they also helped eliminate my unsightly stretch marks.

After just two weeks of wearing them, I noticed a significant reduction in my stretch marks, and my skin became firmer. I continued wearing them for about five weeks, and those stretch marks were completely gone, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I highly recommend this product to any new mom who wants to restore her pre-pregnancy body and get rid of those annoying stretch marks."

--Selena, 35, Phoenix Arizona-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Every time I touched my sagging breasts, I felt a sharp pain and discomfort. The unyielding sagging sensation made me feel like my breasts were a chaotic mass of flesh, rather than an elegant and sexy curve. Breast sagging brought me unprecedented embarrassment and discomfort. I dare not wear tight-fitting clothes, afraid that others would notice my sagging breasts and make judgments. I've been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease by doctors, and I've tried hormone therapy, but it didn't cure the problem. I've been relying on ibuprofen to alleviate the pain. My back and shoulders often feel sore and tense, and sometimes my breasts even experience stabbing pain. During sleep, I can't find a comfortable position, often waking up in the middle of the night with chest pain.

While searching for solutions online, I accidentally stumbled upon it, and decided to give it a try. It fits snugly and provides support to lift my sagging breasts. During the process, I could see my breasts gradually becoming fuller and perkier. After 5 weeks, my breasts can now maintain a great shape even without a bra – no more sagging! The pain in my breasts, shoulders, and back has disappeared long ago. I went for a hospital check-up and found that my fibrocystic breast disease has miraculously vanished! It's incredible! I feel like I've transformed into a confident and graceful woman, no longer troubled by sagging breasts. COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit has freed me from the torment, allowing me to rediscover my body and confidence. It's a miracle for my breast's rebirth, and it made me fall in love with life all over again!!"
-- Lou Jhnny, Miami ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Why does Fat Get Stored in the Belly Faster?

When the body needs energy, these fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which then enter the circulation and are used by muscles and other tissues. If the body absorbs more energy than it consumes, the remaining energy will be converted into fat and stored in fat cells, leading to weight gain and fat accumulation.Many women will notice an increase in belly fat as they get older. Even if they aren't gaining weight. This can be caused by poor circulation and the metabolism slowing down when getting older.

How does the COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit work?

It stimulates over 800 reflex points in the abdomen. COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit generate energy without the need for any other energy source (e.g. electricity). These tourmaline sculpting bodysuits are based on ion therapy,  far-infrared therapy and absinthe therapy, providing users with a multi-dimensional massage and stimulation. It helps to effectively stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, relieves lymphedema and inflammation, and reduces fluid and cellulite accumulation in the body. 

 Absinthe Therapy

By infusing absinthe into the fabric and utilizing a unique process to embed tourmaline, a bodysuit can release thujone and negative ions. The combination of Far Infrared Therapy and Absinthe Therapy offers various benefits, including pain relief, muscle relaxation, and inflammation reduction in different areas of the body.

Prolonged use of these shorts has been observed to prevent and address breast health issues, gynecological disorders and common skin conditions. Even prevent breast and cervical cancer.

Far Infrared Therapy

Research findings have indicated that the COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit is an innovative shorts possess the capability to generate infrared energy without relying on external power sources. According to insights from New York Medicine, infrared therapy not only improves blood circulation, enhances cellular metabolism, and stimulates collagen production, but it also facilitates calorie consumption in the body, leading to weight loss.

By stimulating fat cells, infrared therapy prompts the release of fatty acids and glycerol, which are subsequently utilized by the body, resulting in weight loss. Furthermore, infrared therapy accelerates the body's metabolic rate, leading to increased calorie expenditure and aiding in the achievement of weight loss objectives.

Far Infrared Therapy, endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is an advanced treatment that promotes fat burning, reduces stretch marks, and eliminates cellulite. Through the use of far infrared radiation, it enhances blood circulation, metabolism, collagen production, and breaks down subcutaneous fat, helping women achieve their desired body goals.

Boost Breasts and Improve Blood Circulation


The tourmaline infused one-piece has precious natural minerals and uses acupressure techniques to stimulate the muscles of the chest, abdomen and buttocks, resulting in improved blood circulation and enlarged breasts to improve sagging. These shorts are intelligently crafted to provide a smooth, contoured look from any angle. They are skin-friendly, breathable and noticeably lightweight, weighing a fraction of ordinary shorts, while providing ten times the body-shaping effect. With this jumpsuit, you can achieve the perfect body shape overnight!

Experience Rapid Body Shaping, Fat Burning & Detoxification

Our COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit can help you complete your weight loss plan, even if you don't exercise regularly and eat healthy and balanced, 80% of Far Infrared Therapy can help you achieve the desired weight. This Shorts helps to increase metabolism, detoxify the body, eliminate accumulated orange peel tissue and edema. It can also help you quickly shape your body, make your waist and abdomen firmer, make your hips fuller.

Relieves Cervical Pain Eliminates Scoliosis & Corrects Posture

COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit uses an innovative technology embedded with Tomarine fibers. These fibers promote cell regeneration and improve nerve function, improving back health and posture. In addition, the bodysuit contains millions of magnetic nanoparticles that create a static magnetic field that further promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The effectiveness of this static magnetic field is further enhanced by the use of mugwort. By combining these two technologies, COLORIVER™ provides a combined effect for back health and postural improvement.

Achieve A Lifted & Fuller Buttock Appearance

COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit massage and release ions that promote collagen boosting, causing loose skin and excess fat to disappear from the buttocks, allowing sagging, deformed buttocks to be tightened and lifted!

What Makes COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit the Perfect Solution?

✓Reduces waste and excess fat in the body and slims the body
✓Improves sagging breasts and plumps up breasts
✓Accelerates metabolism and blood circulation
✓Solves lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipomas, etc.)
✓Preventing and eliminating breast diseases
✓Preventing and eliminating gynecological diseases
✓Reduces body fatigue and inflammation
✓Boosts the immune system

Baldwin Tony’s 8-week journey with COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit

"I was astounded at how simple it was. I didn't need to make any changes to my diet or everyday routine. I just wore the COLORIVER™ Ion Sculpting Bodysuit wear all day, and the fat melted right off, leaving me fully shredded. After using this, I feel lot more confident and sexy. The material is extremely soft and does not irritate the skin." ---Baldwin Tony,Georgia USA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tanya showed us her experience with our product:

"I ordered this because the waist measurements were a little more in my size. I've been struggling with scoliosis for many years, and my spine has curved to an unimaginable degree, causing a noticeable arch in my back and making me feel crooked and asymmetrical. Whether I walk or stand, I feel the instability and discomfort in my body, as if the entire world is contorting and spinning around me. This spinal curvature problem also brings about excruciating physical pain. My back is often sore and tense, and I struggle to find a comfortable position. Each day is filled with agony and torment, and it feels unbearable. The spinal curvature also affects my breathing and digestion, making me feel like every organ in my body is being compressed and squeezed. This physical deformity has left me feeling depressed, and I gradually lost my enthusiasm for life.

After trying various corrective devices without significant improvement, I followed my orthopedic doctor's advice and tried the COLORIVER™ Bodysuit. This bodysuit uses advanced ion sculpting technology to gently adjust my body, gradually improving my scoliosis. Every time I wear it, I can feel my spine slowly getting corrected, and my back forming a more natural contour. It not only enhances my appearance but more importantly, it improves my overall health.

After 6 weeks, I noticed a gradual reduction in the soreness and tension in my back, and my breathing and digestion became smoother. Now, I have completely restored a normal posture. I am grateful to COLORIVER™ for relieving my physical pain and restoring my sense of health and freedom. I genuinely appreciate this miraculous bodysuit!"

--Tanya Cranston, 24, Brooklyn, New York  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This was a birthday gift from my husband, and when I received it, I thought it was just a few ordinary clothes. However, my husband told me to wear it every day and said that miracles would happen! I began my journey of using it, but I was still curious about what would happen exactly. The moment I put it on, I felt an unprecedented comfort, almost like a cool silk caressing my body. On the first day of wearing it, I didn't notice any changes, but on the third day, something miraculous happened. My long-standing menstrual irregularity issue was unexpectedly resolved, and I got my period. This was a problem I had been struggling with, even after consulting doctors, but miraculously, it improved so quickly. By the fourth week, my hips had undergone a significant transformation. Previously lacking curves and flat, my hips now appeared full and firm. I could hardly believe it all! This has to be the most valuable gift I've ever received! I absolutely recommend this product, especially to those who may be skeptical, as I was one of them. Wherever I go, people admire my hips. It's 100% effective!"—Klein D--Nevada,Las Vegas ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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      🧊Official Brand Store🧊2023 COLORIVERTM Ice Silk Ion Sculpting Bodysuit With Snaps(Limited time discount Last 30 minutes💎)

      Sale price USD $49.97 Regular price USD $89.97

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